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The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

I love going to school in a place like Portland. I am in school with people who are willing to get a mouthful of pepper spray and not one of them has tried to “Save me” or convince me that LGBT2S are going to hell. It’s a whole other world of Social Work out of Idaho….

Anywhooo, yesterday, I learned of a mysteriously nonmysterious group called the American Legislative Exchange Council. They (in a nutshell) are a group of private and public politicians and corporations that make sure “the corporate entity’s voice is not ignored in Congress.”



Read their website and then read this: www.alecexposed.org

They are the group behind the magical “stand your ground laws” we have all been hearing about the last two months due to the atrocity of Trayvon Martin’s murder.

It is interesting to me how many of these members are also alleged members of the alleged Bilderberg group. What’s that? Who is Bilderberg? Oh fun!

It’s just a group that has allegedly been around since 1954 (that we know of) that hold secret meetings of all the power in the world. That’s all. Definitely not Freemasons or Illuminati or NWO participants. Of course not.

These are simply historic organizations that are misunderstood and wrongly vilified plot mechanisms and characters for Hollywood. 😉

I encourage you all to read up on alec.org.

Unless you are comfortable living in a potential police state after the laws have been bought by corporations, schools have become privatized along with prisons and banks own us stupid breeders. Oh wait…didn’t aren’t we….Hmmm. Nevermind.

If that is ok with you than by all means, sit idly until it all comes to your door.

*resecuring tin foil hat*


What the hell! Seriously? You all just gonna stand there and watch?


So I have recently started using public transportation a lot, not just for nice little adventures into Portlandia, but for practical reasons. And because of where I live, and the fact that I am simultaneously poor and cheap, I have to get on in some pretty sketchy parts of town. I am really, really hoping that the sun for some ungoddessly reason starts staying up longer before the vernal equinox, cause I really hate walking alone in the dark between 8 and 10 pm, but whatever.

I digress.

Recently, there have been some really untoward happenings on the max in particular that freak me the eff out.

To begin with, the first night I rode it alone, I watched one girl get on with a baby in a stroller: her eyes rolling, her head nodding. The baby looked clean and well fed though. I decided I was being judgmental for my thoughts. The next stop though, apparently the “baby daddy” as she put it got on and she started screaming at him about smiling at her and not paying her child support, which he replied was cause she would buy drugs not formula, and she threatened to STAB him with the BABY. Awesome. Mom of the year.

Then this poor girl gets the crap beat out of her and NO ONE DID ANYTHING BUT FILM IT WITH THEIR PHONE. I saw the video before they took it down. Pretty disturbing:


Then last night I missed the train I wanted. Lucky for me, or I would have been here when this happened:


Poor kid just had a wrestling meet, was crossing the street with ear buds in and heard someone holler, took them out, asked “What?” and promptly got as his ass beat and sent to the hospital in severe condition.

Are you f**king kidding me?

Now mind you, I was at the mall and several Trimet stations yesterday and commented on the amount of cops, security and Trimet guys on the trains and in the mall. Hoorah! You are being a presence. But uh, apparently, you guys missed this one above. So what gives? Blazers game seems to be a good time to have heavier security considering there is about 40-50 thousand people in the place at a time. I mean Jesus.

Anyway, as I put on my brave big city girl face and divert my eyes from the crazies in the hopes that I don’t have my ass kicked for no reason, I offer this: I have the most heinous streaming pepper spray in my hand the whole time I am on the train. Its law enforcement strength with glow in the dark/luminous stain and I am not afraid to spray myself or others to get you.

And to you “innocent bystanders” that may get some in the process? Too bad, you guys should have done something to help those other kids. Collateral damage I say.