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Ye’ olde family traditions

Ye’ olde family traditions

When I was growing up, one town that I lived in frequently seemed to have an alley behind every street within its old city limits. We usually didn’t have much money and so when holidays came around like Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and Easter, instead of buying my family flowers (for them or their gravestones), my mother would drive down alleys letting me spot and cut beautiful escapee flowers.

It was really one of my favorite things to do. Lilacs are my grandma J’s favorite and so when those were still in season (depending on when Easter landed) we would scout those out first. I remember the joy and the feeling of responsibility I would get from riding with the door slightly ajar, no seat belt, while my mom would drive slowly down the alleys letting me jump out with scissors to run and steal flowers.

As a parent myself, I cringe at the memory…But as my inner child, I still remember the sneaky happiness. I am quite certain no one would have complained had they seen us cutting their alley irises or tulips, but it sure felt naughty which was part of the fun. There a few times they may have complained upon seeing me squeezing through gaps to reach beautiful flowers IN their yards but…..

I digress.

As an adult, and I use the term relatively, my bestest friend Pippi and I did the same thing. I even continued the tradition with my own children when I lived in that same town again. However I usually parked and walked or would follow the kids down the alley. (Traditions evolve you know.)

We haven’t found any alleys where we are now. Not for lack of trying either. Every year I see the flowers growing in spring and I mourn for my alley escapades.

I’ve seen some pretty gorgeous daffodils on a couple of shoulders and exits near my house though….they might just be fair game.

Happy whatever you do today!

Carolina….on my mind…..

Carolina….on my mind…..

I watched the Notebook today. I know, I know…it’s a terrible movie to watch at certain times in one’s life. But alas, I needed to cry for totally unrelated to my world reasons 🙂 Gawd the scene when Allie remembers who she and Noah are….then she has to be tranquilized? Makes me practically inconsolable. It’s great and cathartic.

I digressed from my original thoughts…

Carolinas. North Carolina in particular calls to me. Always has…from the moment that Dawson Creek went on the air right through the Notebook and every other sappy ass Nora Roberts or Nicolas Sparks book….all the way to Shooter Jennings…I have a couple peoples there….One is a great love from another lifetime, the other my favorite little sprite. I google the houses there a lot, there are such pretty houses there…the south in and of itself holds some sort of calling and mystery to me…I dream of it…the jasmine and the humidity…the cool mountains and the coast….the creeks *wink*

I am going to go there someday.

Sigh. Dawson’s Creek. Now there was a craptastic television drama if I ever saw one. To this day I will watch it, even though I know how each episode is going to start and end. The dialogue was amazing, although totally unrealistic developmentally for the characters. And that theme song! Totally stuck in my head lately. Whatever happened to Paula Cole? She was fantastic…

I always used to wish that I was somebody’s Joey…Joey Potter…

Cause I had a Dawson you know.

Alternatively, I also had a Pacey.

And Pacey bought Joey a WALL, a goddamn romantic WALL.

Funny thing is, most people in my world can guess who my Dawson was…but Joey didn’t end up with Dawson, oh no.

Joey ended up with Pacey Witter.

Ergo, Joey ended up with Peter Bishop.

Joey was a smart, smart girl.


Today could be historic! C’mon Merikah, don’t be a Merkin!

Today could be historic! C’mon Merikah, don’t be a Merkin!

Today there are old, frightened, white, straight men as the majority of our Supreme Court making decisions for the rest of us….I hope they make them in the best interest of all….toward equality and what is right and just….not maintaining status quo for political bullshit.

Don’t make hate your precedent. Don’t rule for inequality.

Do what Batman would do SCOTUS. Do what Bruce would do. The right thing.



Same as it was last year, this year….only with rain rather than snow! Namaste ~OXOX

From one Pisces fish to you....

WAHOOOOOO! It’s the first day of SPRING!

Now mind you, one would not know that by looking out my windows, as here in the magically and infamously warm and balmy Pacific Northwest, it is snowing. :/ Sigh.

However, the Pagan celebration of the spring equinox, known by many names (Ostara, Eostre, etc.) is not unlike numerous other festivals, holidays and “holy days,” that the religion in power has changed to suit its purposes. One does not have to try hard to see the similarities between Ostara, Eostre and Easter. Both have to eggs (fertility), rabbits (known of course for their “fecundity” and affinity for chocolate?
hahah) and grass, beginnings and rebirth attached. But this is not to be a commentary on the bastardization of cyclic events! No sir! I shall NOT digress!

Today, I want only to remind you that today is the beginning of the REAL new year. The light and the darkness

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I am beginning to lose hope in things; most pointedly love. My whole life my dad encouraged me to listen to John Lennon’s words…..”All you need is love….” It’s been a mantra of sorts….But nowadays I am feeling that love is no longer enough. I love things. I love people. And I am miserable and disappointed. I try to look at things in a Buddhist POV, from lots of perspectives really…and I don’t know how to not be disappointed. I can’t do unattached love. Eat Pray Love BS. Love them and let it go?


I want my happy fucking ending.

I’m about to create it myself.

Screw boys. Screw girls. Screw romantic love.

2 is the loneliest number….

2 is the loneliest number….

Of readers….Now I feel like I speaking directly to you both….Is it totally a mental health issue that I feel so lonely without followers? Is this a new diagnosis they will come up with in the all too soon future? Oy. I better get an amazing job. Like 6 figure amazing. Ha. Id be happy with $25,000 a year. I hear tell Australia is recruiting American social workers…..for whatever reason. 😉

Oh, blast being a grownup.

Oh, blast being a grownup.

Just an FYI, I am making my blog private as I begin my job search. No, most things are not controversial or anything I should worry about but I am trying to reduce my trackable digital footprint however that looks. I’m not sure how it will shake out but if you cant read it from here out let me know and I can get you a private link or password.

It was fun.