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Just in case you missed it….

Just in case you missed it….

This is what I do when I have no canvas.

Day of alleged birth of future first zombie eve


Today I got to nap.

Today I watched little kids (who are not mine :(…..) open presents I got them.

Today I got to eat the perfect Caribbean Jerk drumstick hot wings that were extra crispy and perfect while drinking a magical bloody mary at BWW with the hubby and he wasnt even working!

Today I got to drive around and look at pretty twinkle lights and soon I will be at the movies. Its nice.

I hope you are all with the ones you love ( or at least some ONE you love, even if they aren’t human….)

Merry Christmas, Eid, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Solstice, whatever you have been celebrating in the last month and the next month. 🙂