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Playing with the devil aka “Bibliomancy”

Playing with the devil aka “Bibliomancy”

From the Bhagavad Gita:

If they depart in the flame, the light, the day, the bright weeks of the moon and the months of increasing light of the sun, those who know Brahman go unto Brahman.

But if they depart in the smoke, the night, the dark weeks of the moon and the months of decreasing days of the sun, they enter the lunar light and return to the world of death.

These are the two paths that are for ever’, the path of light and the path of darkness. The one leads to the land of never-returning: the other returns to sorrow.

Haha, I love finding relevance within literature and religious texts that I can tie to Led Zepplin songs. I chose this book today because of the best dream analysis I received yesterday. What this could mean to me, I haven’t yet divined. But it gives me a good reason to give you this:

The two paths

And remind you of Tolkien when you listen to this Badassness.

I still think that Robert Plant was, perhaps still IS the epitome of sensuality. RAWR.