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Ah crap, really? I’m going to get sick now?


So yesterday I sneezed, it was just like one of those “Zicam” commercials, wherein time stops at the first sneeze and you have to make a decision:

1) Ignore it;

2) Proactively start taking prophylactic vitamins.

So of course, being the whoobie joobie gal that I am, started thinking good soul boosting Louise Hays thoughts, I am healthyI feel strong” “My immune system is a superstar type of stuff.

Then I decided to be “prophylactic” and I od’d on vitamin c, d, e, multis, zinc,  garlic, ginger, tea, peppers, etc.

Then I broke out the usnea and this stuff that I love: Kickassbiotic.

Then I started taking my colloidial silver and realized Im almost out! I took the last of it last night, sniff, sniff.

Sniffle, sneeze, cough.


Now my stupid throat hurts. WAAAAAAA.

I don’t wanna be sick.

It’s Christmas.

My kids have to be driven almost 4 hours tomorrow to meet their dad for Christmas vacation.

Then I get two weeks off (except for work) and I was going to enjoy  my first break in months!

I digress.

But it’s not fair!!!! *stomp*

What do you do? What are your surefire “burn it out of your throat whiskey cayenne shots”?