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TRIMET safety? Yeah…..

TRIMET safety? Yeah…..

So again there was a robbery on the max train I ride.


Awesome. I would just like to say that not ONCE have I seen a Trimet police officer on my train (unless they were hiding in plainclothes…yeah right…) or a real police officer or even a fare checker.

I’m not buying it. http://www.portlandtribune.net/news/story_2nd.php?story_id=132831962929253100

I was late to school just the other day because some stupid &*%**%* decided to buy 8375346530465 tickets individually and I didn’t have any tickets left in my packet. So I missed my train to get one. I should have just rode illegal like everyone else besides the person that hogged the machine. My husband hates me riding it, my brother wants me to get my concealed weapons in this state. My stress levels just from thinking about you bastards is rising. I do not feel safe on the train, especially at night in the free fare zone (which has pretty much become the whole goddamn route.) Granted I don’t go through the “roughest” neighborhoods, but I do go through downtown and the “transitioning” neighborhoods, which look lovely during the day but at night are totally different places.

I wear my sunglasses. I avoid eye contact. I ignore your attempts to solicit my conversation. I wear my ear buds, low so I can hear whats going on, and I sit with my back to the wall so no one is behind me. But I see and hear all the things you crazy, high and scary bastards do. Chanting about Jesus and Satan in the schools and demon lunch ladies. Sitting on the bus with your tent over your head rocking and chanting. Shit makes me nervous. What are you doing under there? Are you harmless? Scared of people? or loading your shit? GOD. I smell your pot. I smell the meth oozing from your pores. Making drug deals next to me. talking about who you are gonna eff up if you see them at the Alberta stop again.

Seriously. I am listening and I have supermagical hearing abilities. I don’t want to listen but I have to so I know wtf is going on around me. And I have my mace ready. I swear I am gonna end up macing myself on accident. FUCK

I don’t carry anything but books and bus passes. Leave me alone.