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JAM, not jelly.

JAM, not jelly.

Temporarily tattooed words,

over my heart-

across my breasts.


Mirror opposites for your view,

and mine…

Though the ink disappears,

all feelings remain.

And then it hits me….

And then it hits me….

So I know, I know….finding meaning in everything is dumb and illogical. But when you have 857,348,578 things happen that align with gut feelings you have had, you start to take them into consideration. Confirmation bias aside, sometimes I meet someone or see something and it really bothers me when I can’t place it or them. Sometimes it is totally topical like not remembering who an actor in a film is, other times it’s like a Déjà vu situation, a “Mists of Avalon” when Igraine and Uther meet for the first time in this life if you will….and they realize that they have been together for many lifetimes and you as the reader have to wonder if it is true or part of Viviane’s spell….sigh.

I digress.


When I was younger my BFF Lisa and I would have conversations about something and try to remember a name or a song or an actor what have you, and it could be 3 weeks or months later and I would remember. regardless of what time of day (or morning…3 am anyone?) I would call her and be like “GARY BUSEY!” to which she would reply something to the effect of “What the fuck? oh yeah. yep. Goodnight Jani….”

In recent years I have taken to writing things down next to my bed and calling people (or Facebooking) people at more reasonable hours. Usually, anyhow. 😉

The thing that has been bothering me of late is someone’s tattoo….I KNEW I had seen it but just couldn’t place it. I had made up all kinds of scenarios, logical and illogical, romantic and dramatic….from supernatural to a stroke. (I know, I know, strokes aren’t funny.)

Then this morning, I am scrolling through my Facebook timeline looking for an invitation to a True Blood viewing party so I can change my response and BAM.

A movie meme.

There it is.

Right fucking in front of me.

It’s two character’s tattoos put together from a movie.


While I am relieved to finally consciously place it, I am still a little sad it wasn’t something  meaningful. Stupid girl.


I think of the most badass tattoos while in the bath, half asleep. Damn!

I think of the most badass tattoos while in the bath, half asleep. Damn!


I still have my gift certificate to Altered Reality Tattoo….I had planned on having some older tattoos touched up, recolored, tightened up whatever…maintanence lets say, but as I was purposely letting myself fall into that lucid place wherein you can think but know you are falling asleep, it came to me.

I’ve had two quotes in my mind for sometime that I was pretty sure I was getting tattooed but I haven’t had any idea where to put them…if I was a smaller lady the obvious choice, down my bare left side would be ideal. Alas, I am… er, a curvier specimen lets say…. So that idea will have to wait…BUT

I do have plenty of room other places, in fact I have 13 visible tattoos ONLY above my waist so….here’s my lucid plan….

I want a Fibonacci spiral, perhaps a nautilus…still thinking… with a star, liken the northern star , think blue fairy Pinocchio star….in the center and then coming out as the spiral these words….IN MIRRORTYPE…

“Even in complete darkness, the light of hope echoes an eternity….”

If NOT in a Fibonacci spiral, then in a tribal spiral.

Thoughts? Drawings? Feedback?

Yes. Let’s do it.