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How to work out successfully with your other:

How to work out successfully with your other:

I have finally figured it out.

The secret.

The deal.

The shizzle.

The cat in the bag is coming out….

If you are like me (and not like Cameron Diaz and her freaky sports boyfriends)then y0u will commiserate and get something out of this blog. If not, you are a weird gym rat freak who enjoys sadistic competition and sweating.

I digress.

For years I have been unable to successfully work out with my other because A) they coach B) they piss me off C) I don’t like working out and they do.

The solution?

Go at 5:30 am.

Do not speak on drive to gym, upon entering the gym, or before you get on the machines.

Speaking of machines, work on separate machines in different areas with ear buds in your ears.

THEN talk on the way home.

That is all.

Tell your friends.