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So I have accomplished a lot in my few years on this planet and lots of things to be proud of, actually. But I am about to share a minor victory with you that is HUGE for me on the scale of personal triumphs and rather small on the scale of first world problems:

As a “bigger than she would like to be albeit still within the realm of healthy-ish” gal, I bought a pair of jeans online going from my knowledge of the brand and sizes that I usually buy there (ahem, old navy). To my sad, sad realization over about 6 months ago when my joy turned to disgust and self-loathing, I realized I was no longer an old navy 14. I went to the store to try on pants and see if it was something different about the online clothes. Maybe it was stretchy vas nonstretchy…maybe it was trousers vs jeans…..maybe it was anything except I got fucking FAT. Now I am all for curvy girls and fat power and fat acceptance and this is not any sort of judgment on anyone but myself. As someone who has prided herself probably too much on her looks and not nearly as much on her insane intelligence as she should have over the years, to say it was a blow to my ego is an understatement.

I digress.

The point being, rather than exchanging these pants, they became another pair of “throw them in the closet because SOMEDAY they will fit” nonsense. Don’t lie, you know you have a pair too.

Only today, out of sheer curiosity, I tried them on and they fit. Infact, they are kinda baggy on my ass.

Needless to say, I had a Flo moment.