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Body electric

Body electric

Ok, Ok… so I have almost gotten Lana Del Rey out of my system BUT! I wasn’t able to get an entire album onto one disc, so I have only been listening to the one. Today I decided to listen to the other one with a measly 4 songs on it and lo and behold; she has a song called Body Electric which is a throw back to my favorite Whitman poem

OMG I love her fucking face.

She is one of my soul mates I am sure of it now.



What it is supposed to look like:

What it is supposed to look like:

It was never Disney.

It was never my parents.

It was never, well…mostly never movies….damn you the notebook!….

THIS is the standard I have always sought to attain:

Particularly around 2:30-2:45…..


That is the good stuff.

Too bad we know how the story ends.

C’est La Vie.

But for what it is worth, Lindsey Buckingham is by far one of the most underrated guitarists ever….*swoon*

Survey says…..

Survey says…..


Just kidding.

But after about a month of heartburn, ulcers, sleepless nights and related irritable attitude combined with relationship woes, professional misfortune, scholastic pressure and being a parent; I have decided where I will live (for sure) after graduation.

I made a pros and cons list for Idaho and for Washington.

I meditated.

I surveyed Facebook friends and frenemies.

I did tarot cards.

I talked to classmates.

I talked to professionals.

I did guided meditations.

I talked to my counselor.

I talked to my mentor.

I talked to my soul mates.

I did about 34,834,530 different things as instructed by various decision making models and blogs.

I flipped coins. Over and over.

This morning I woke up and just knew:

I have to stay in Vancouver.

My heart said so. I can go where ever I want in 5 years. But for now, in fact for once in my life, I am thinking of my kids and my kids only. I am not rationalizing my needs or wants. I am not running home because I have a broken heart. I am planting roots.

Kudos to me.

Do you ever….

Do you ever….
  • Feel so overwhelmed with everything that you are so frozen you can’t do anything?
  • Think through every possible outcome of any possible scenario to try and weigh your options until you are so panicked at the thought you can’t make a decision anyway?
  • Metaphorically shoot yourself in the foot?
  • Take on more than you can handle?
  • Decide to create boundaries after they are crossed?
  • Lay in the fetal position in the bottom right hand corner of your bed sobbing uncontrollably about nothing in particular?
  • Fantasize about running away and being a criminal?
  • Lock yourself in a place and toss the key out the window?
  • Wait until the last minute to do everything?
  • Start 984,753,024,875,034,785,034 different things and never finish any of them?
If you do 9/10 of these like I do, we may in fact be soul mates. It’s nice to meet you, other me.