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All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi….

All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi….

Not really.

I said that as I typed it and started wondering if that makes me the most interesting woman in the world…..ADD

I digress.

What I really, really craved today (the hardest day thus far on my Dukan journey despite the 16 pound pay off I already have received) was the white wine I was using to cook. It was sooooo difficult to put it back in the fridge and not take a sip. I’ve never actually craved alcohol. I mean, I’ve wanted a drink before for sure. But never craved. LOL

I think it is more of a matter of knowing that I can’t and having the will power to not convince myself to slip once….You know the diet rationalizations, “If no one saw me, I didn’t eat it”…”Just one and it will quell the craving”….”I’ll just taste it and spit it out.”

And then you find yourself binging on everything you can think to put frosting and peanut butter on, sitting in the middle of your kitchen floor, rocking, sobbing, and chewing….




Uh, me neither.

I was just, you know, using hyperbole.

Someone help! I need an intervention!


So I made it over 6 weeks without Facebook. And then, like promised, I went back in the middle of the night to get my poetry and pictures ; the multiverse worked against me.

Actually, Zuckerberg worked against me because you have to leave your account active for 24 hours to get all your notes and pictures available. Effing bastard. So I did. It’s like satellite TV; it hooks you into the premium channels with the first 3 months free. Then you forget to shut them off and just keep paying the bill. Only I haven’t forgotten. Each morning I wake up and I think “Ugh my Facebook is on.”

Seriously. Aren’t there more important things to worry about? Like school starting next Monday? My fear of not being able to handle quarter terms? Social work stuff? Work? Bills? The Cascadia fault? Zombie apocalypse? 2012? AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH

I digressed.

Anyhoo….yeah. I seriously feel like a relapsed addict. Charlie Sheen and shtuff. I have people messaging me begging me not to delete. Family members who are so happy I am back on. An apparent fan base who love to hate me and correct my grammar, yet look forward to reading my sarcastic and witty view of the world.


I even find myself rationalizing the use of Facebook for this blog, “my poor Twitter can’t carry it all!”

Oh well. I need to go now, the hooker who’s naked and screaming in my closet is starting to annoy me.