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tunnel vision

tunnel vision

As I look around my home and realize (as I take the first breath I have taken in a few months…) I notice a few things:

  1. While most of my friends have complained about the state of their home because of grad school I realize that my house isn’t dirty, save the floors. My overwhelming tunnel vision has led to the demise of my green thumb, ergo most of my houseplants are dead or dying. Ouch. Oops.
  2. Along the same vein, another observation is more about Vancouver, contrasted to living in say, Filer, Idaho next to fields and the canyon, dusting weekly yet needing it daily….I can go for over a year without dusting. Ha!
  3. I haven’t listened to an album in months. I have the same album on my record player that I listened to on my birthday.
  4. My bathroom/laundry room looks like a bachelors. DOH
  5. I don’t give a F**K. YES!

Victory is mine.




I’ve been fond of thinking,

rationalizing really,

that surface dirt collects

and the times that we don’t clean it

are the times that new things

are trying to take root

on hard surfaces

and need top soil.

I’ve been fond of thinking,

rationalizing really,

that my chaos is spinning

for the sake of growing taproots

to discover the ways I am

and who is an authentic me

Turns out,

I like being dirty.

My backyard is much more amazing than I thought!

My backyard is much more amazing than I thought!

I spent the day gardening and then got sidetracked into the little itty bitty things I saw….I’m sure my neighbors thought I was quite the fool crawling around on my hands and knees with a camera about 2 inches from the ground at times….

So here is your zen slideshow to look at before we all head back into the Mondays….

Enjoy the fruits of my battiness…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I found naughty stamens, throbbing veins, fairy treasure maps, dripping nectar, hidden bugs, creepy crawlies, 5 different kinds of clover, blooming lichens and mosses…Lots more….What did you find?



WAHOOOOOO! It’s the first day of SPRING!

Now mind you, one would not know that by looking out my windows, as here in the magically and infamously warm and balmy Pacific Northwest, it is snowing. :/ Sigh.

However, the Pagan celebration of the spring equinox, known by many names (Ostara, Eostre, etc.) is not unlike numerous other festivals, holidays and “holy days,” that the religion in power has changed to suit its purposes. One does not have to try hard to see the similarities between Ostara, Eostre and Easter. Both have to eggs (fertility), rabbits (known of course for their “fecundity” and affinity for chocolate?…hahah) and grass, beginnings and rebirth attached. But this is not to be a commentary on the bastardization of cyclic events! No sir! I shall NOT digress!

Today, I want only to remind you that today is the beginning of the REAL new year. The light and the darkness are balanced today. From here until the winter solstice, the light shall be dominant.  Let it be the same in your mind, heart and body. Start this season with intention, decide how you want your life to be and begin it today, anew. Release the darkness of the winter and make strides to shrug off the heaviness, in whatever form it may have actualized on you.

Go for a walk. Meditate. Say what you need to say, to whomever you need to say it to. Smell a flower. Perform a fertility ritual. Have some sex. Smudge your house. Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting the places you can’t easily reach….or is it? 😀

Perform whatever cleansing ritual you desire, be it cleaning your house, saying a prayer or simply opening your windows. Plant a seed, mentally or physically.

Begin again.

Love and Light,



St. Patty’s AND Farmer’s Market kickoff? YES! Sláinte!

St. Patty’s AND Farmer’s Market kickoff? YES! Sláinte!

After a rocky start this morning which included me not even remembering it was St. Patrick’s Day, I logged into Facebook (duh) and saw that the Vancouver Farmer’s Market was opening back up this morning! YAY

You know why “Yay?”

Because this:

Is all I have left of last year’s goat milk soap stores! Gasp!

So I went with the intent of ONLY buying goat milk soap, allergy honey and herb starts if they had them yet.

This was my favorite flower arrangement I saw and *GASP*

Not a lily in it! Digging the hell out of the blue-painted bristlecombs.

Fiddleheads! Shrooms! Welll, fiddle dee dee!

This guy is amazing. He caught me taking his pic and I only had larger bills so I couldn’t tip him so he insisted on taking MY pic as payment. i hope I am not on some website as the b***h that didn’t tip. I sent the male child back with a dollar when we left, just in case.

Big version of Bosley dog:

Her name was Gracie and she was an old lady!

people getting in my way of a good shot! Damn the luck.


The male child’s only request and his treasured prizes…

As herbs aren’t available there yet, I walked away with my soap and honey as scores…I didn’t buy ANYTHING else. I am so proud of my restraint.

Now I have money for drinking! HAZAH!!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day! Enjoy your American bastardized holiday! I will!