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Coat rack, Coat schrack.

Coat rack, Coat schrack.

Yesterday, I became obsessed with the idea that I need a coat rack. We have only recently gotten a couch and it appears that everyone has begun to use it as a coat rack. I can’t handle it! I admit, I am a cluttery person…my house is clean but there is always one or two spots, usually the extra? counter in the kitchen and/or my desk that are just pretty much covered in crap. Oh, and the bookcases….

Ok, screw it, I am like 3 avalanches away from being featured on the show “Hoarders.” I admit it. Let’s focus on the issue at hand. Gees…

I digress.

Point being, our closets contain most of our jackets; but one of us, (I wont name any names, ahemhusbandcoughcough) has about 938,273,028,457,034 jackets, coats, hoodies, hats, etc. Also, we have a really lame and needy dog that can’t handle when we leave. He will pull coats from where ever to sleep on and sniff to remember that we are coming back or some weird shite. Ergo, the one I had on the back of the door was continually getting broke as he pulled things off, not to mention the fact that the sleeves of our jackets were getting stretched. So, I decided to get a real coat rack. I hit up a few thrift and vintage stores, even a local trade shop that has a lot of really cool wooden things. Could NOT find a coat rack for less than 145 dollars. What? Hell no.

I came home and googled. That is what I do. I found lots of cool ideas, but none that looked really janified. So I took about four ideas and mixed them all together. Hence the janified coat rack: (pvc pipes, magical display vase I flirted the guy out of at World Market, spray paint and cement.)

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It cost me a grand total of 32 dollars. BOOM.

That is the sound it will make if the damn dog pulls it over on his dumb self.(Concrete, hello)

*And I accidentally made my drop cloth into a cool backdrop. Woot, woot.

Things that I notice in a random day or “Things that make me go HMMMM”

Things that I notice in a random day or “Things that make me go HMMMM”

If you fast forward thru the news it looks like the background montage at the begining of a post-apocalyptic movie;

I no longer notice when it is raining unless someone points it out or its like a typhoon;

Sometimes the words that come out of my mouth are really not even close to an actual reflection of what I think;

I take entirely too much pleasure in tormenting my dog, ie: giving him the “Belcoe glare” while he is eating until I have to laugh because the food falls out of his mouth;

I think that this MSW is going to the best thing professionally I have ever done because it allows me to change my mind a lot;

While listening to the today show today (haha) they described glow in the dark wooden blocks (like lincoln logs) and my first thought was “What kinda cancer is that going to cause?” good grief. (This is how my brain works);

I need to paint a new picture because I donated a painting and have a big empty spot on my wall where it hung…its really bothering me;

The 80’s aren’t coming back. They are here;

Ron Paul is speaking in my hometown and my new town ON THE SAME DAY. It is a sign;

This video makes me say HMMMM: Things that make you say HMMMMM;

Kathy Lee may not be an idiot, but she plays one on t.v. I am pretty sure she is drunk. Whatever.

That is all.