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tunnel vision

tunnel vision

As I look around my home and realize (as I take the first breath I have taken in a few months…) I notice a few things:

  1. While most of my friends have complained about the state of their home because of grad school I realize that my house isn’t dirty, save the floors. My overwhelming tunnel vision has led to the demise of my green thumb, ergo most of my houseplants are dead or dying. Ouch. Oops.
  2. Along the same vein, another observation is more about Vancouver, contrasted to living in say, Filer, Idaho next to fields and the canyon, dusting weekly yet needing it daily….I can go for over a year without dusting. Ha!
  3. I haven’t listened to an album in months. I have the same album on my record player that I listened to on my birthday.
  4. My bathroom/laundry room looks like a bachelors. DOH
  5. I don’t give a F**K. YES!

Victory is mine.


Are you f***ing kidding me?

Are you f***ing kidding me?

Ok, I know that this is going to abound with moral relativism issues and non-cultural competence but this really bothers me on a personal level. Especially after yesterday’s butterflies from my arsehole post; but in this day and age, is this really necessary?

Accused witch burned alive after being tortured

I mean, yes, the area has been pounded by devastating earthquakes for the last week, but c’mon. Yes, I made a “Joe and the volcano” joke yesterday about throwing Meg Ryan in the volcano to make them stop, but it was a joke.

This is not. This GIRL was 20 years old. Accused by a 6 year old BOY and viciously tortured and killed by her own village.

Groupthink IS the only Devil in this world.

This is murder. Gender based murder.

Think a positive thought for this girl and those like her please.

Crime begats crime begats crime begats crime. Atleast it is already illegal. Hate crimes apparently are only one directional.


From what I have read on various channels and outlets, I believe this should be a hate crime. But like good ol’Dubya’s cronies say, “crime is already illegal.” As long as they are charged and convicted. Whatever. Not going to solve any real problems but perhaps give these young girls a future deterrent. Probably not. Look at their mother. I found some of the comments on this article to be pretty interesting…One relays how the mother is not cooperative with police because her son was killed in old town and the murderer never found; another states that perhaps it was because the murderer’s mother hid them. Touché.