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Statistics make me cry and make me feel dumb.

Statistics make me cry and make me feel dumb.

So I have taken stats 3 times. Associates, bachelors and now graduate. I received an A in the first two. I tried to waive out this time but missed 4 too many on the waiver exam. Every professor teaches it different and while it is a static (haha) thing, I swear it keeps changing.

Riddle me this:

One of my prof’s questions said something to the effect of the mean of ________ was 478 days and the standard deviation is 178 days. So with that line of thinking, as far as a bell curve goes, minus 3 Standard Deviations is -56. Can that be right? Am I crazy? How can I read that wrong?

I hate stats and I will never use it. I will pay someone else lots of money to do it when I grow up.

Your meditation and thoughts for the day:

Your meditation and thoughts for the day:

Sacred Geometry….

String theory….sound…HAARP…Taos Hum….Trumpeting sounds at baseball games….invisibility cloaks….I’m picking up good vibrations…The celestine prophecy….crystals….music…..fractals….math….energy…energy fields….Prayer….All forms of hoobie joobie embraced by millions…Ujjayi breath…Ohm….It’s the whole universe. It’s universeS.

Micro to macro.

It’s all tied together….

I am amazed….You should be too….My mind is blown from the possible connections….

More on sounds…click this….

*mind you some of the above sounds in that link have been debunked, they are victim to the internet….but not all*

Music is love is magic is music.

Music is love is magic is music.

I had seen something on Sunday Morning or 60 minutes about this idea, but I had never seen the results of it. Now, seeing it, my heart overflows with joy. It makes me want to research the implications of TBIs and Alzheimer’s and shaken baby syndrome and comas and persistent vegetative states and all neurological issues….overbroad? maybe.

Maybe not.

I just learned about a study regarding music and math pilot program:


Music is magic. 

It stimulates places in the brain that are thought to be incapable of regeneration.

We as a species do not even know the half of it. 🙂

Screw EEGs and MRIs; watch this video: