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20 things I wish a mother had taught me. Any mother. Even yours.

20 things I wish a mother had taught me. Any mother. Even yours.

Mind you some of these things I know how to do, NOW. Some of these things, I have not yet figured out, but I am working on it. I am not going to note which are which.

  1. How to crochet;
  2. how to put on liquid eyeliner properly;
  3. how to sock away money in case you ever have to leave;
  4. how to pick a proper wine;
  5. how to effectively and consistently maintain the role of parent while not damaging children’s souls;
  6. how to swim underwater without plugging your nose;
  7. how to be brave no matter what it may cost you;
  8. how to stand up for yourself and others despite the sorrow it may bring;
  9. how to continue to nourish your own soul while providing others roots for their own without doing all their gardening for them;
  10. how to cook for exactly the amount of people you need to cook for, not 3789639465349756349 extras;
  11. how to know when someone is lying to you;
  12. how to deal with rejection and failure;
  13. how to let go of control;
  14. how to see the good in others when the bad stands out;
  15. how to do basic maintenance on a car;
  16. how to get rid of aphids;
  17. how to roller blade and/or ice skate;
  18. how to tell your child, “Oh that sucks.” without wanting to fix it for them;
  19. how to slow down and appreciate what you have;
  20. how to teach love by being love.
That is all.