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You should check out my friend’s blog.


She is smart. She has some valuable info for you people with kids, who want kids, who work with kids, who like kids.

The above aren’t mutually inclusive or exclusive.

The adventures of Cassandra….super social worker extraordinaire.

Go forth. Read. Do good. Be love.

A casual observation about teenagers in the Pdx/Couv area

A casual observation about teenagers in the Pdx/Couv area

Last night the girl child and I went to get supplies for a sundae bar for her and a amaretto sour bar for moi. While leaving the parking lot, she said “See all those kids coming from Wendy’s? That’s the new cool hangout for kids at my school.” so I looked, and saw what in my day would have been a group of kids behind Burger Den or Arctic Circle, hiding and smoking. What I realized was that none of them were and would have had difficulty if they tried, as both hands were on their cell phones, texting.

And then it struck me.

I haven’t seen any teenagers smoking in a long time, other than the occasional gutterpunk.

The teenagers I see that are walking, hiding, crouching, congregating, etc. always have cell phones in their hands.

It occurs to me now, as it did last night, that perhaps our need as teens to belong, to be cool, to be oral/tactically fixated is quenched by our texting and social media addictions.

Perhaps, in generations to come, carpal tunnel and curved cervical spine issues will be our problems caused by childhood needs to belong, rather than lung cancer and the related substance issues began by smoking.

I think I can be ok with that.

I believe it balances my dislike of cell phones as referenced here: WHY I HATE CELLS

Methinks perhapst I should rethink my stance on not allowing my kids to have cell phones until they have jobs to pay for them.

Maybe I don’t want them to find other things to do with their hands.


@BitchinKitchen convinced me to delve into tofu desserts….

@BitchinKitchen convinced me to delve into tofu desserts….

So I am slightly obsessed with Nadia G.  I mean not like stalkeresque (you know her address? Just kidding…kinda) but I really really look forward to her episodes, her makeup, her shoes, cooking and perspective. Plus, she’s pretty hot in a cheesecake pinup way, is funny and smart as hell….

I digress.

The point of today’s installment is to tell you that I made her vegan Caramelized Banana and chocolate pie and it was effing delicious. Even my kids who HATE tofu no matter how I cook it ate the shykeys out of it. I am including the link (so you can see how hot she is) with the recipe, my oops learn from my mistake, and a final picture:

Link: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/nadia-g/dark-chocolate-and-caramelized-banana-pie-recipe/index.html

My oops: It is supposed to take 4 hours and 10 minutes. I sped this up by turning up the oven to 350 degrees to caramelize the bananas and putting the crust in the freezer to chill. The only problem with the faster cook time on the bananas is that the raw sugar melted off and it ended up being caramel with bananas in it…. Not as pretty but just as delicious. If you want pretty, no short cuts.

See how lovely it is? And deliciously not that bad for you.