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The twitch….

The twitch….

When no one is looking, I like to dance. Now I realize that despite what I think and my most bestest efforts, I do not look like Shakira. I imagine I look a bit like what a Tracy Anderson workout video would look like if she was convulsing on peyote and/or having a spastic seizure. And you know, I am ok with that. My daughter has caught me a couple of times, which incited fits of laughter each time. But I don’t mind. It makes me feel good.

A typical playlist to make me get all Jim Morrison in my kitchen follows, enjoy.

Good times.

A walk with Jim…

A walk with Jim…

I wrote this after a particularly, ahem, lucid “dream.”

It’s a song.

It’s folksy.

Enjoy the fruit of my 18 year old brain. 🙂

A walk with Jim

He was the lizard king

and I, the moth queen.

Attracted to the light,

we came out at night.

Hazy memory,

my reincarnate vision…

Close my eyes I can hear him…

this man I think I knew…

I see him…remember him…

Am I crazy or is this called Déjà vu?

He said “You’re drinking with the third.”

Could I have been the fourth?

A couple of bipolar casualties.

A poet and a shaman;

And me a hopeless romantic.

Only one of us was knowing

our vaccine was our disease.

He was the lizard king

and I, the moth queen.

Distracted by the light

we faded into the night.

© 1998, 2012