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*adult language alert* The attempted fleecing of me, eff you Jiffy Lube.

*adult language alert* The attempted fleecing of me, eff you Jiffy Lube.

So I never in a million years thought I would say I miss Mooner. ūüôā But I do. I miss Mooner and Twin Falls Jiffy Lube. I took my car in today, it was time and my boss will be riding in my car so I decided to get it vacuumed out, oil change, and new windshield wipers (stupid Pacific Northwest rain). PLUS I had a coupon for the Signature Service at $19.99 and buy one get one free windshield wipers, blah blah…

Mind you I have never had a problem at the Fisher’s Landing location until today.

First, they tell me it is illegal to blow out my air filter. Fine whatever, I haven’t had a new one in a bazillion years. 10 bucks whatevs.

Then they tell me that I need a new “radiator cap gasket” because I only have 7# of pressure, but lucky for me, they have a special running and its only $50 dollars. Are you fucking kidding me? FIFTY DOLLARS???? Do I look hot and stupid? I’m not even blond right now! I guess in this dress you can’t see my “all knowing mechanically minded dick.” I say “No, I think I¬†will be alright. But thanks.”

He goes on to try and scare me into buying it, with threats of thrown rods (um, do you know which gasket we are talking about Mike from jiffy lube?), thermostat woes and radiator failure, car overheating apocalypse. I say “No, really, I am sure.”

Then they go to ring me up and magically, they no longer honor my Shell/jiffy lube card. Really? The one nice employee there, Bernard, tries for 45 fucking minutes to get it to work but they have a new card reader that no one can figure out. aWHesome. Emphasis on the WH. Like cool WHip. Meh, I digress.

So finally after getting really fucking irritated I use my previously just paid off credit card to pay so I can leave.

I get in my car and leave only to realize that:

1) There are oily foot prints ALL OVER MY DRIVER SIDE UPHOLSTERY-SIDE MAT;

2) Those mutherfuckers didn’t even VACUUM which was the whole damn point of getting my oil changed today;

3) Bernard got an ear full and I hope he slaps his employees for being stupid tools.

So I woosaw….I got to my local Baxter’s Autoparts store and purchase an entire new radiator cap for 7 dollars.

I win.

Fuck you Jiffy Lube Fisher’s Landing. Atleast you didn’t try and interest me in new muffler bearings and a refill on my blinker fluid.