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My fellow ‘out in the ether’ friends:

My fellow ‘out in the ether’ friends:

I am of no use writing this week as my immune system has decided to declare war on microbia in my ear, thus causing me great pain, discomfort, malaise and general overall bitchiness.

I shall return soon.

If you are really bored without my magical words, you could always google image “bullous myringitis” to see photos of the war inside my ear(s). Happy googling!

Ah crap, really? I’m going to get sick now?


So yesterday I sneezed, it was just like one of those “Zicam” commercials, wherein time stops at the first sneeze and you have to make a decision:

1) Ignore it;

2) Proactively start taking prophylactic vitamins.

So of course, being the whoobie joobie gal that I am, started thinking good soul boosting Louise Hays thoughts, I am healthyI feel strong” “My immune system is a superstar type of stuff.

Then I decided to be “prophylactic” and I od’d on vitamin c, d, e, multis, zinc,  garlic, ginger, tea, peppers, etc.

Then I broke out the usnea and this stuff that I love: Kickassbiotic.

Then I started taking my colloidial silver and realized Im almost out! I took the last of it last night, sniff, sniff.

Sniffle, sneeze, cough.


Now my stupid throat hurts. WAAAAAAA.

I don’t wanna be sick.

It’s Christmas.

My kids have to be driven almost 4 hours tomorrow to meet their dad for Christmas vacation.

Then I get two weeks off (except for work) and I was going to enjoy  my first break in months!

I digress.

But it’s not fair!!!! *stomp*

What do you do? What are your surefire “burn it out of your throat whiskey cayenne shots”?