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tunnel vision

tunnel vision

As I look around my home and realize (as I take the first breath I have taken in a few months…) I notice a few things:

  1. While most of my friends have complained about the state of their home because of grad school I realize that my house isn’t dirty, save the floors. My overwhelming tunnel vision has led to the demise of my green thumb, ergo most of my houseplants are dead or dying. Ouch. Oops.
  2. Along the same vein, another observation is more about Vancouver, contrasted to living in say, Filer, Idaho next to fields and the canyon, dusting weekly yet needing it daily….I can go for over a year without dusting. Ha!
  3. I haven’t listened to an album in months. I have the same album on my record player that I listened to on my birthday.
  4. My bathroom/laundry room looks like a bachelors. DOH
  5. I don’t give a F**K. YES!

Victory is mine.