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The people in the basement…

The people in the basement…

Here is an OLD one!

See, in my own way I was always going to be a social worker. Look at that natural social justice insight! *oy vei*

There’s an imaginary dog downstairs,

I hear it barking.

A psycho has fantasies about me,

and thinks that they’re real.

I met a child yesterday,

she had one this morning.

Just a few pieces of paper,

what’s the damn deal?

A flying or ground attack,

trample and rampage of one.

Electromagnetic motor,

fucking up my reception.

Vegetarian vampires whisper,

“I’ve fast for too long…”

Tossing memories without sequence,

back when we were spun.

I heard her cry again,

this afternoon around two;

Swearing to leave

“You rapist bastard!”

A flower grew, bloomed, and died,

all in three weeks.

There was a kitten lost,

somewhere around Jefferson and 3rd.

A pill I call Alice

and her friend Maryjane.

The guy in my dreams,

versus my own mind’s eye.

I lined them all up,

they still fought over who gets first.

Didn’t they say it’d be fair?

I must have already been high.

I hear her calling him,

back home again.

Kathy needed a friend,

so I called her a slut.

It’s always purple here,

spring, summer, and fall.

What the hell?

I hate that fucking mutt.

© 7/6/1996

In case video games made you, um, fluffy?

In case video games made you, um, fluffy?

I may have found a cure. It’s like a video game.

And it helps you track goals and reward yourself….

“Leveling up” if I might…..

All the concepts are there…minus the monsters.

Actually….Call your fat ass the monster…

It’s frightening, really.

I’ve seen it. 😉

Check it out.


Freaking Waivers~

Freaking Waivers~

So it’s that time of year again boys, girls and gender neutrals…..


Fantasy league up and running.

With the exception of some less than stellar wide receivers and gimpy tight ends, my draft went well and my roster looks lovely.

I decided to drop a certain inconsistent bastard and lo, my mouse locked on scroll and I dropped the wrong player and didn’t pay attention.


WHHHHHYYYYYYY sweet ancient baby alien space monkey Jebus WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYY!

And now I have to hope no one else picks him up in the next two days until he is off waivers.

Fork me in the goat ass.

I hate this game.


Bring it on.

Things I wish were real:

Things I wish were real:

There are so many things that I wish were real and practical in this world. Here is a short list of things I wish were real and things that I (contrary to popular belief actually BELIEVE are real…)

  1. Unicorns. I grew up surrounded by them, Shel Silverstein songs about them and collecting my little ponies. (STFU) I suggest everyone carry this with them until they find one: Magic
  2. On the TV show Ally McBeal, her therapist suggested she get a theme song. It changed over the years but I loved that she had a continual soundtrack theme to her life. One of the best examples was her boss John Cage’s (who suggested her therapist to her): Barry
  3. How convenient to have as you would know which way not to turn because you would forewarned with sounds like this: the reveal
  4. And Sheldon Cooper would appreciate this one: NOOOOOOO
  5. And then the ultimate! Nevermind, I don’t like this one. I was just kidding. I call redo!!!!