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The twitch….

The twitch….

When no one is looking, I like to dance. Now I realize that despite what I think and my most bestest efforts, I do not look like Shakira. I imagine I look a bit like what a Tracy Anderson workout video would look like if she was convulsing on peyote and/or having a spastic seizure. And you know, I am ok with that. My daughter has caught me a couple of times, which incited fits of laughter each time. But I don’t mind. It makes me feel good.

A typical playlist to make me get all Jim Morrison in my kitchen follows, enjoy.

Good times.

What makes me bawl in the mornings?


Both of these. For similar reasons yet different emotions.

Makes my heart happy:


Makes my heart impassioned:


That is all today.

Love who you are and who others are.

Thanks Bailey ❤