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Do you ever….

Do you ever….
  • Feel so overwhelmed with everything that you are so frozen you can’t do anything?
  • Think through every possible outcome of any possible scenario to try and weigh your options until you are so panicked at the thought you can’t make a decision anyway?
  • Metaphorically shoot yourself in the foot?
  • Take on more than you can handle?
  • Decide to create boundaries after they are crossed?
  • Lay in the fetal position in the bottom right hand corner of your bed sobbing uncontrollably about nothing in particular?
  • Fantasize about running away and being a criminal?
  • Lock yourself in a place and toss the key out the window?
  • Wait until the last minute to do everything?
  • Start 984,753,024,875,034,785,034 different things and never finish any of them?
If you do 9/10 of these like I do, we may in fact be soul mates. It’s nice to meet you, other me.