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I think of the most badass tattoos while in the bath, half asleep. Damn!

I think of the most badass tattoos while in the bath, half asleep. Damn!


I still have my gift certificate to Altered Reality Tattoo….I had planned on having some older tattoos touched up, recolored, tightened up whatever…maintanence lets say, but as I was purposely letting myself fall into that lucid place wherein you can think but know you are falling asleep, it came to me.

I’ve had two quotes in my mind for sometime that I was pretty sure I was getting tattooed but I haven’t had any idea where to put them…if I was a smaller lady the obvious choice, down my bare left side would be ideal. Alas, I am… er, a curvier specimen lets say…. So that idea will have to wait…BUT

I do have plenty of room other places, in fact I have 13 visible tattoos ONLY above my waist so….here’s my lucid plan….

I want a Fibonacci spiral, perhaps a nautilus…still thinking… with a star, liken the northern star , think blue fairy Pinocchio star….in the center and then coming out as the spiral these words….IN MIRRORTYPE…

“Even in complete darkness, the light of hope echoes an eternity….”

If NOT in a Fibonacci spiral, then in a tribal spiral.

Thoughts? Drawings? Feedback?

Yes. Let’s do it.

Couples’ tattoos, a cursed thing….

Couples’ tattoos, a cursed thing….


I wasn’t brilliant. There are no loopholes. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE ONE.  DOH

Unless you are brilliant like me.

I’m sort of addicted to tattoos. Seriously. But I like to think of them as a diary I cannot lose. I have 14, if you count one cover up that only I and a certain tattoo artist are aware of.

But I remember where I was, who I loved, what I loved, who I was, what I was doing, how I was doing, where I was going and who I wanted to be when I got each and every one of my tattoos.

I don’t regret any of them, even the stupid ass thread, needle and art class misappropriated India ink one.

Even though mine is the only one who got to keep that one because I picked blue, everyone else’s went away within a couple damn weeks….

Even though it may have started on my chest and ended up migrating Southeast without the proper permissions later….

Meh, I digress.

Regardless, these are the rules for getting a tattoo with an other, be it friend, lover, spouse, whatever…

You have to get something meaningful that doesn’t involve names or dates.

They can’t match exactly.

And they have to conceptually ‘make something together, but be complete alone.’

And you have to have an artist that listens and knows what you want, works with it and doesn’t make you feel like a tool.

A fabulous artist like Chris Graham at Altered Reality.


I can’t wait to get my next huge piece on my back, connecting 3 other tattoos….

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