Oh Intention, you clever little beast you….

Oh Intention, you clever little beast you….

I have been trying to avoid repeating patterns…in a less than successful way for a millenia about a decade now…. and being a successful failure at it.

After a talk with a snowy mountain and some in depth and frank discussion with a lovely Libra friend and their friend; I started giving thought to the intentions I was sending out. In fixating on certain attributes I wanted to avoid, I was probably attracting them. Shits weird how it works. The secret, prayer, spells, whatever the fuck you wanna call it: worrying is like praying for something you don’t want.

So even when I changed MY patterns, physically and consciously, subconsciously….

I was still sending out my little “rescue me avalanche beacon signal….” BUT this time, I chose to ignore the first responders….

But, just like the vision board cover ups I made in order to see what I wanted to create rather than seeing what I wanted to end, I decided to do something different upon the prompting of a ghost…

In fact, I chose to reach out to someone who reminded me of me (and that is a compliment, Slug) and it looks pleasantly pleasing thus far. Who knows.

Could be fun or could just be the needle getting bumped up out the groove. Either way is good for me.

huzzah, muthatruckas.


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