What the f**k was that?

What the f**k was that?

As my best friend and I sat in my bedroom last evening while (I cracked out) trying to find something we had been talking about, I came across the pathology report from my surgery. There were a few things in it I had always wondered about. Since she is a medical genius, I decided to have her Google translate it in real life for me. So she read it out loud to me, translating it into 8th grade level layman terms for me.

As she read it, I grew nauseous. Maybe it was because of the graphic images I formed in my head to go along with the words she was saying, maybe it was something else.

I have never experienced a cold sweat until then. I literally paled, started profusely sweating and knew I was going to puke.

I didn’t and the wave passed in about 5 minutes.

I didn’t feel off before or after.

But all I can do is think about it. Bahhhh

I can’t sleep….instead of visions of sugar plums, I have visions of Babcock forceps, bluntly dissected and cauterized fascia.

Why!!! Why did I have her translate????????


I could never be Jack Shephard. Sawyer all the way baby.


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