Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

A familiar sound,

the quiet howling released,

The well trod path

of a ravenous beast.

The longing burnt,

like an owner’s brand;

searing delicate skin

was her lover’s hand.

A feral gasp escaped;

another withheld sigh,

Neither questioned

what the other would deny.

Flames that flicker

leaving ash and coal;

errantly consuming

half the other’s soul.

Kismet written

in her freckled stars;

only translated 

by the chaos in his scars.

About Jani

Jani grew up a gypsy anachronism, spending her early life taming her wanderlust. She clawed her way into the real world eventually obtaining two highly unpractical degrees, two children, six figure student loans, and a sarcastic wit that is matched by few. She now lives in the Walterverse where she received her MSW at a ridiculously expensive University. She followed this achievement by spending thousands more on even more useless letters to put after her name. Her future plans are to pay for the useless extra letters after her name as a super heroine. In the event that plan doesn't "work" out, she plans to return to her roots as vagabond gypsy busking in one way or another.HuZzah.

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