The trouble with me

The trouble with me

The trouble with me

is that I am always hopeful.

Every time I am proven wrong

I look disappointment in the eye

and say “Next time!”

Next time will be better,

Next time will be perfect,

Next time I’ll know better,

Next time it will work.

I always have it figured out,

before next time arrives.

I do the work.

I work on me.

I know what went wrong.

I know what signs to watch for.

My eyes are open…

open wider than my heart…

And then I remember,

if only in dreams,

How it feels,

What I want,

What I need,

What I can provide…

And suddenly,

I am in love.

In love with the idea…

In love with the potential…

In love with the way you make me feel.

In loving you I love myself.

I see you

Through a looking glass, darkly…

That’s the trouble with me.

And still

And always

I thank you for that.

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