TWIN FALLS! I am so proud of you!

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A drag show in Twin Falls is always a big event. In a town that doesn’t have a gay bar, you can bet whenever the queens and kings take the stage it’s going to be before a large crowd.

What makes tomorrow night’s show truly historic, though, is that it marks the first ever official drag show to be held on the College of Southern Idaho campus. It’s also an “all ages” event, which means it’ll be “safe  for the whole family”…whatever your definition of those words are.

The show, hosted by CSI’s newly formed Spectrum club, will feature performers from Twin Falls, the Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho and from elsewhere around the region. IROC 102.1’s Dr. Nick Redbone will emcee the event.

According to an event facebook page, there will also be an amateur drag contest. So if  you’ve dreamed of getting your “face” on and…

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Jani grew up a gypsy anachronism, spending her early life taming her wanderlust. She clawed her way into the real world eventually obtaining two highly unpractical degrees, two children, six figure student loans and a sarcastic wit that is matched by few. She now lives in the Walterverse where she received her MSW at a ridiculously expensive University. Her future plans are to pay for the useless extra letters after her name as a super heroine. In the event that plan doesn't "work" out, she plans to return to her roots as vagabond gypsy busking in one way or another, after her children move out. HuZzah.

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