Survey says…..

Survey says…..


Just kidding.

But after about a month of heartburn, ulcers, sleepless nights and related irritable attitude combined with relationship woes, professional misfortune, scholastic pressure and being a parent; I have decided where I will live (for sure) after graduation.

I made a pros and cons list for Idaho and for Washington.

I meditated.

I surveyed Facebook friends and frenemies.

I did tarot cards.

I talked to classmates.

I talked to professionals.

I did guided meditations.

I talked to my counselor.

I talked to my mentor.

I talked to my soul mates.

I did about 34,834,530 different things as instructed by various decision making models and blogs.

I flipped coins. Over and over.

This morning I woke up and just knew:

I have to stay in Vancouver.

My heart said so. I can go where ever I want in 5 years. But for now, in fact for once in my life, I am thinking of my kids and my kids only. I am not rationalizing my needs or wants. I am not running home because I have a broken heart. I am planting roots.

Kudos to me.

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  1. Cruel now I want a corona! I love how you did so many things but ended up following your heart anyway. That’s the way the best decisions are made 🙂

  2. You are an absolutely beautiful person and it comes across brilliantly in your writing style. It is very Alice Hoffman, a style that is strong yet seems so fragile and magical at the same time. I am glad that you realized what to do concerning such a difficult choice and that it need to be a permanent, “for life” decision. Sometimes over-thinking things just leads to confusion and stress, the heart knows what it wants. Sometimes it just takes awhile to realize it. I’m sure planting roots will be a fun, rewarding, experience.

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