Fuck you, Oxytocin.

Fuck you, Oxytocin.

I’ve come to agree

with all the cynics

love is just a fairytale

a myth made up for children


like God and Heaven

all that’s true

is lust and obsession

our need for need


Emotions are worthless tools

used to get what we want

not necessarily what we need

what we got in trade for instinct


Love is a fleeting feeling that

people gave a name to rationalize

the way they use their bodies

the way they use each other


Sex is an exchange of energy

sometimes even a manipulation

just to steal power

that won’t be given freely


You try and displace the feeling

know all the while it’s not real

But push the thought out

follow the chemical path of “emotion”


Back to damn emotions

their pseudo-erotic tendencies

the manipulations we use on ourselves

how we set our sadistic selves up for pain


Over and over patterns are repeated

even after you become conscious of them

you allow yourself to believe again…


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