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Riddle me this Batman…

Riddle me this Batman…

I am on a list that sends me updates when sex offenders move within a mile of my home. (mind you I live within a mile of THREE schools). In the last month I have had 4 updates of people moving into this mile radius of my house. So I check them out, see what they look like, read the charges (as I tend to care less about the young statutory cases) But the one I got today had the charge of “rape of a child” I wondered what that was…

RCW 9A.44.073

Rape of a child in the first degree.

(1) A person is guilty of rape of a child in the first degree when the person has sexual intercourse with another who is less than twelve years old and not married to the perpetrator and the perpetrator is at least twenty-four months older than the victim.


Two issues I have:

why is it Washington allows you to have sex with people 12 and older?

And why would it f**king matter if they were married to the perpetrator?


Oy. The last three days I have lost such faith in the world.

White Privilege, it really does exist!

White Privilege, it really does exist!

I recently had an interesting discussion with someone on their lack of belief in white privilege. It resulted in my leaving quite frustrated. I also tried to speak to my husband about it, but I end up so ver klempft that I can’t even banter appropriately or effectively. I have been trying to figure out a better and more clear way to explain it. The girl in the video explains it as immunity….rather than privilege…Maybe that makes it more palatable. I also have read an article that makes it understandable for the video generation….Click here.

One good thought I have had is: *if your perceived oppressive experience ends when you change environments, there wasn’t an *ism.*

You can be uncomfortable and a situational minority without being oppressed. 

Google “Galtung conflict triangle” interesting stuff. 2/3 isn’t an ism. You gots to have all 3.


Just in case you are misinformed and think Obama is costing you more in taxes than previous presidents.

Social Justice For All

Almost as soon as the 2012 Presidential election was called for Barack Obama, the media and collective punditry turned their attention to another issue, the so-called “Fiscal Cliff.” (Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Picture Harry Reid and John Boehner driving a convertible armored car, Thelma and Louise style….) It’s important to dial back the drama and look at what’s really going on with the Federal budget. The current situation is called a cliff because of the steep reductions in the deficit that will be triggered if no other action is taken before December 31. Am I the only experiencing déjà vu here caused by obstructionist Republicans? Many automatic spending cuts will begin; various safety net and stimulus funds will diminish or end (such as unemployment benefits); tax rates for all Americans will go up.

Taxation is the issue which will matter the soonest and has become the sticking point in the current…

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Is a magical thing.

I have been negligent of my blog, but before you try me for dereliction of duties, hear me out:

Like I let stress be my largest enemy;

Like how I let things get to me such as;

Like being poor at Christmas when I am not even a real celebrator of it; just a capitalist consumer of the BS;

Like needing to take a break but needing to find a new internship before next quarter starts;

Like wanting to read a stupid fluffy romance novel but needing to finish the last couple pages of my final Fall 2012 paper….I just cant seem to finish it…EEK;

Like being totally irritated at the fact I have used the word “like” so many times already;

Like the fact that I am writing this to procrastinate further the writing and eeking out of those last couple pages of aforementioned paper;

Like being totally and disproportionately upset that the stupid music channel is playing Christmas music.


If you are like me and need some perspective, take it from Carl Sagan:

You are both infinitely insignificant and infinitely made of star-dust.

Happy sweet ancient baby alien space monkey jebus/hanukkah/kwanzaa/solstice month/ whatever the hell you want to say.