Riddle me this Batman…

Riddle me this Batman…

I am on a list that sends me updates when sex offenders move within a mile of my home. (mind you I live within a mile of THREE schools). In the last month I have had 4 updates of people moving into this mile radius of my house. So I check them out, see what they look like, read the charges (as I tend to care less about the young statutory cases) But the one I got today had the charge of “rape of a child” I wondered what that was…

RCW 9A.44.073

Rape of a child in the first degree.

(1) A person is guilty of rape of a child in the first degree when the person has sexual intercourse with another who is less than twelve years old and not married to the perpetrator and the perpetrator is at least twenty-four months older than the victim.


Two issues I have:

why is it Washington allows you to have sex with people 12 and older?

And why would it f**king matter if they were married to the perpetrator?


Oy. The last three days I have lost such faith in the world.

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