Is a magical thing.

I have been negligent of my blog, but before you try me for dereliction of duties, hear me out:

Like I let stress be my largest enemy;

Like how I let things get to me such as;

Like being poor at Christmas when I am not even a real celebrator of it; just a capitalist consumer of the BS;

Like needing to take a break but needing to find a new internship before next quarter starts;

Like wanting to read a stupid fluffy romance novel but needing to finish the last couple pages of my final Fall 2012 paper….I just cant seem to finish it…EEK;

Like being totally irritated at the fact I have used the word “like” so many times already;

Like the fact that I am writing this to procrastinate further the writing and eeking out of those last couple pages of aforementioned paper;

Like being totally and disproportionately upset that the stupid music channel is playing Christmas music.


If you are like me and need some perspective, take it from Carl Sagan:

You are both infinitely insignificant and infinitely made of star-dust.

Happy sweet ancient baby alien space monkey jebus/hanukkah/kwanzaa/solstice month/ whatever the hell you want to say.


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