30, er 33 things I am thankful for:

30, er 33 things I am thankful for:
  1. Being in the last year of my formal education.
  2. Only having 4 classes left for the rest of the year.
  3. My kids being healthy again.
  4. My romantic relationship being romanticish again.
  5. My mentor being a human.
  6. Growing up in the mountains and knowing how to drive unlike half the tools I am surrounded by here in the big city.
  7. Knowing what if feels like to experience grace.
  8. My hands.
  9. My eyes.
  10. My ears.
  11. My feet.
  12. My health.
  13. My friends.
  14. My neighbors.
  15. Heather. Lisa. Heather.
  16. My childhood, fractured and chaotic as it was.
  17. Soldiers.
  18. Being in Idaho for Thanksgiving, two fold: incase the big one hits the Cascadia Fault and also so I can see my brutha.
  19. My car being paid off and my car working well.
  20. Food.
  21. Wet dog kisses, even though I act like I hate them.
  22. My challenges.
  23. My emotions and subsequent my occasional chemical imbalances.
  24. Lichen.
  25. Global awareness.
  26. Banana Slugs.
  27. Art.
  28. Rain.
  29. Equal Rights becoming more equal.
  30. My knowledge of the real Thanksgiving and the colonialism/colonization that was that atrocity.
  31. The ability to blog and share it with you all.

Have a good holiday, however you choose to celebrate or not celebrate it. I don’t think of it in terms of the Mayflower and first nations, I think of it in terms of counting my blessings instead of lamenting my woes, with people I love.

And 32. Thanksgiving Day Football.

Update: And here is 33: Explainations for whats up this week, phew

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  1. #28 Rain….I LOVE rain but I unfortunately live in Texas where it rarely rains and when it does it’s a torrential downpour and over within 30 minutes 😐 I’m obviously rather bitter about it. I think it’s time I moved to Portlandia…rumor has it that it rains there.

    • That’s all it freaking does. And um, another cool thing about Portland, mind you I am Texas jaded, is that we don’t have any ants the size of your hand, no cockroaches I have seen AND i have not seen a single damn snake, venomous or otherwise. No leper armadillos either. 😉

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