This is not just an Idaho issue, so I am sharing. This is A HUGE ISSUE in the equality movement. Thanks to James for blogging.

The Idaho Agenda

If you have been following the fight for LGBT equality at all the past few years, you have no doubt ran across a group called the National Organization for Marriage.

The radical right-wing group, famous for such classics as the prop 8 “Gathering Storm” TV spot,  has long been known for its tactics of using fear and homophobia as weapons in their attempt to stop marriage equality.



Thanks to a series of  internal memos released by The Human Rights Campaign this week, we can get a sense of just how low the organization will stoop in order to stop equality supporters.

Think Progress reports NOM’s tactics include race-baiting by driving,”a wedge between gays and blacks” by convincing them to fight over the language of “civil rights”, baiting,”Latino voters to oppose marriage equality as “a symbol of resistance to inappropriate assimilation” and by developing, “side issues to weaken pro-gay…

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