7.5 hours in and already pissed….


Some people just aren’t cool enough to do the master cleanse. I am doing it, I am not happy about it but I am doing it. I could really really care less about eating, but the caffeine withdrawal headache I have right now and the heartburn which I assume is from the fresh lemon juice and cayenne I have been consuming is enough to make the Pope say “Goddamn!”

6 days till I can have coffee. Oy.

Starbucks, Folgers, international creamers, I miss thee.

Husband appears to be doing better than I. He says he is just fine. He has no heartburn, he isn’t hungry and has no headache. Well good for him. Pin a rose on his nose. La ti DA.


(Between you and me, he is effing GROUCHY. Harumph.)

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