Passages Malibu?


Just a quick observation: I just saw a commercial for a rehab center that showed happy people and was being narrated by the “co-founder” who stated that its not a 12 step program its a whole life program and he should know, because he was an addict for 10 years and now he is not.

Um, I believe that is exactly the opposite of what they are supposed to teach….once an addict always an addict? Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic? You are just clean and sober now right? Meh, sorry, that verbiage irritated me. They should have a better PR person.


About Jani

Jani grew up a gypsy anachronism, spending her early life taming her wanderlust. She clawed her way into the real world eventually obtaining two highly unpractical degrees, two children, six figure student loans and a sarcastic wit that is matched by few. She now lives in the Walterverse where she received her MSW at a ridiculously expensive University. Her future plans are to pay for the useless extra letters after her name as a super heroine. In the event that plan doesn't "work" out, she plans to return to her roots as vagabond gypsy busking in one way or another, after her children move out. HuZzah.

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  1. Ugh I get what you mean…I hate when people are overly cheerful, or just lie to get you to spend your money at their establishment…maybe that’s not exactly what your point was but I wanted to add it in 😀

    • Yeah that too. LOL all I could think was it worked swell for LL, AN and BS and a few other initials I shouldn’t mention. The part that irked me the most was he implied a cure to addiction. Which should be unethical on his part. blech. Happy Hanukkah !

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