Um, leave the 99% out of it!


I have tried very hard to stay out of the whole “occupy” conversation. When they occupied the parks, I heard the arguments about a utopian society being created before our eyes, the beginning of a revolution, this that and whatever.

But it fell apart. The homeless moved in, some who have REAL LIFE mental health issues, addiction issues, not to mention other health issues. Combined with the overall antiestablishment tones and emotions, drugs, wannabe anarchist temperaments, V for Vendetta and the 5th of November, pent up anger over the “resolved” recession it was a recipe for disaster. And it was. Rapes, unnoticed deaths, clashes, etc. And the message was……

I’m still not sure. We are poor you are not, give us some money? I don’t know. I think I get what they were going toward….I understand class war. I understand what the people who are asked on camera are talking about, the spokespeople get it, mostly…But what about the rest of the groupthinking masses?

What about the parks? Who is going to pay to fix them? US

What about the damage? Who is going to fix them? US

The occupiers say, “…We trashed it! Pay us to fix it and clean it up!”

Seriously? That circular logic work for you very often? Are you fu*king kidding me?

I digress.

What about the 99% who are losing their jobs or being prevented from doing it while you create a 1960’s esque story to tell your grandkids?

Occupy Pdx RIGHT NOW is blocking the Portland Ports, and even more of the west cost ports, all the way up to Alaska. Um, these are longshoremen, truckers, construction workers, dock workers, welders, etc. NOT CORPORATE CRONIES! Leave the unions alone. Leave the middle class people alone. F**K

Preventing the working class from working hurts the working class, not the corporate greed. Think about it.

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  1. The largest share holder of the main port being Occupied is Goldman Sacs. Also many of the 99% who work at these ports are not unionized. Over the cource of the years they have stopped the function of the ports themselves. The marches are in solidarity with the Longshore workers and the truck drivers, not against them.

    I understand a lot of the concerns about the occupation’s damages, but in Atlanta we took care of our park, despite what the city claimed. We did not ask for the constant police presence, and while our tents were up we were providing free services to the community. We had free childcare, medical aide, and food. We held educational classes on everything from sexual health to building sustainable gardens. Even though our 24 hour occupation inside Troy Davis park has ended we are occupying the homes of people effected by illegal foreclosure so they may continue to fight for their homes. We are occupying the only public homeless shelter in the city, turning the previously uninhabitable fourth floor into a working space and the unused basement into a co-op.

    We are working hard every day for a more fair society and many of the members of the homeless community have become integral members of our movement. I have seen people get clean for the first time in years.

    While I understand your frustrations, I urge you to take a second deeper look. There will always be challenges .Also remember, the corporate media will always try to hide the fact there is a better way to do things and smear those trying to do so.

    • I appreciate the intelligent reply. I would like to however point out I bet 6/10 of your movement couldn’t give a similar answer. That is the population i’m referring to.

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